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Occult in the Church?

Created: 4/30/2024 - 1 Comment(s) Society and Christianity

Hello Everyone and may God richly bless you and keep you safe! This is going to be a lengthy post, but I feel it's worth it because the topic is so important. It seems in megachurches today that a WOW factor is needed for worship because of their leaders emphasis on "experience" in the worship service. I'm not sure why they are not WOW'd enough by the fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it just baffles me!

I would like everyone to watch “The Third Adam” series on YouTube. This series is by Spencer Smith who is a missionary and lives in Kentucky.  I found his videos to be very interesting and eye opening. What he means by the title, “Third Adam” is that Satan tries to imitate everything God does and since Christ is the last Adam, Satan has his man the Antichrist, who is the person that this series calls the “Third Adam”.

In Third Adam 1 Spencer warns Bible believing Christians not to be deceived by professing Christians who are emphasizing spiritual experience rather than biblical doctrine. He uses layers to illustrate Satan's plan to bring about his Antichrist, the future world leader. The first layer is Satan, the 2nd is Eastern Religion, the third is Modern Occult, the 4th is Modern Entertainment, and the 5th is False Christianity. We must understand Satan's tactics of imitation and infiltration of everything God does. People need to know the Bible to be able to discern the truth.

The second layer is about people in Eastern religions who believe they can achieve enlightenment through yoga and meditation. They believe they can release the kundalini (serpent) spirit via the chakras in the body and achieve the Kundalini awakening. Spencer states that when people do yoga, they are making their body like a spiritual antenna and inviting demon spirits to take over their body.  He states that Hindu deities also known as Avatars, use a body for their purposes. In Eastern religions, they are all looking for a leader, such as the Matreiya, the Mahdi and the Kalki.

In layer three about the Occult, Spencer reminds us of Genesis 3:4 where Satan says to Eve, “you shall not surely die”. He says this because he wants Eve to be free from God's rules.  Spencer relates how Helen Blavatsky stated that all religions contain truth, which she combined into a philosophy called Theosophy.  The Occult teaches that Ascended Masters and practices such as Astral Projection will lead the world into a golden age. These beliefs are trying to indoctrinate people into accepting the coming one world leader.

In layer four, Entertainment, Spencer describes recent movies about an intergalactic tyrant and that people must band together to battle him. He states that these movies are programming people to stand behind the Antichrist eventually and to battle Jesus, believing He is the tyrant coming from the sky. An example of this is Thanos in The Avengers. People are being programmed to be behind this one world leader who has superpowers and to oppose Jesus.

In layer five Spencer talks about the ecumenical movement that promotes cooperation and better understanding among different religious denominations. This movement is in line with the global, end times Church. It is also the teaching of the New Apostolic Reformation. This is an end times false cult that practices heretical gifts and outpourings of the Spirit, which are not found in the Bible or Christian history. People who believe in the NAR are Todd Bentley, Brian Welch, Francis Chan, Bill Johnston, Joel Osteen, Paul White, Benny Hinn, Michael Brown, and others. These are false teachers of the Harlot Church. They are yoking up with the Pope in end times deception. They are proponents of Dominion Theology and the Seven Mountain Mandate. There is no difference between what is happening in eastern religions and what is happening in modern churches today.

In Third Adam 2: The Great Seduction, Spencer exposes occult practices done in mega churches such as Bethel Church in California, and sung about by Christian bands such as Hillsong and Maverick City Music. These occult practices include preaching a Gnostic view of God, emphasizing worship experience rather than repentance from sin, and they promote the rise of mystery religion. In Bethel Church people on stage are having the Kundalini awakening, shown by their repetitive movements, and oblivion to their surroundings.  This is the same spirit as in Eastern religion.

In Third Adam 3, Rise of the Divine Feminine, Spencer emphasizes the shift happening today toward disorder, dysfunction, and destruction. It is the shift away from God's design, which is order, to Satan's design, which is balance.

In Third Adam 4 The road to Shambala. Spencer warns people about Satan's plan to set up his Kingdom on Earth by stealthily indoctrinating people into the occult. He does this by deceiving people into thinking they need to nurture the divine spark within them in order to become a higher and greater version of themselves, and that they can do this by aligning themselves with a higher power or energy force.

People may say that these videos are all about judging others, but we need to push back on those who say you should never judge anyone. The meaning of Matthew 7:1 "judge not lest you be judged", is for Christians to look at their own character flaws first before condemning the flaws in other people. We must judge ourselves by the same standard God's word that we would impose on others. The lesson in this passage is for people to be humble when judging others, because people can miss their own faults when they focus on other people's shortcomings.



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Created On: 5/7/2024 3:24:22 PM By: ksporl351

interesting and thought provoking yet over my head. I have unfortuntly I done many different experiences with these  so  called religion what a mess I was in.  although I was unworthy Jesus saved me from the lake of fire and all the demons were sent to hell.that Jesus saved my soul. I wouldnt go near those religions.